Information technology

Expert Technology Service Provider

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IT and network expertise are paramount and integral to the design and execution of Azbell’s broad product suite. Whether it’s the virtualization of a mobile data center for the military, or the programming of the IOS in a Cisco router, Azbell’s range of talent and experience will get the job done for you. Azbell is a CISCO authorized reseller specializing in IT integration for small & medium sized businesses and the customized requirements for the US military and Government clients. Our expertise for our clients extends through servers, desktops, laptops and nearly every modern IT technology that modern businesses employ.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Technology never stops evolving. Azbell has stayed ahead of the trends from analog to digital and dedicated devices to network based applications. Please give us a call when you need IT solutions and support at competitive prices.

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Consulting and Professional Services Offered:

  • Network design
  • Project management
  • C4 product design
  • Virtualization
  • Personnel Staffing
  • IT and computing acquisition strategy
  • New product customized design and prototype
  • Mobile computing and data center design
  • Overseas IT support