Teleconferencing / Video Conferencing

Video Teleconferencing when implemented correctly provides a modern and cost effective way to collaborate with customers and colleagues across the globe. Rising fuel costs are making telecommuting a real solution for many businesses looking to cut down on their overhead. The medical field has openly embrace telemedicine and telenursing while the education sectors have seen massive growth in their distance learning education courses. Video Relay Service is also becoming an increasingly popular method for the deaf and hard of hearing communities with more and more video remote interpreting services becoming available. Azbell’s Platinum level TANDBERG experience will ensure that your VTC and VTC network operation fit your needs, are simple to operate, and are always up.


Teleconferencing imageOur VTC experience spans 15 years of standards based VTC hardware and network installations. Azbell deployed the first tactical combat VTC for the US Army in 1995. (See our C2/3/4 Tactical product line). Azbell supports the full line of Tandberg IP and ISDN H.320, H.323, H.329 and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) hardware including Multipoint Control Units, Gateways, Gatekeepers, VCS, Border Controllers, Content Servers, codecs and software including the TMS (Tandberg Management Suite). Our AMX certification and control software programming skill set is often a required adjunct requirement for large scale VTC networks. In addition to a commercial VTC knowledge base Azbell has the specialized experience to efficiently meet the requirements for Government and Military VTC installations such as separated networks, fiber, encryption, KIV, KVM, Isolation, firewall traversal, and software-hardware integrated security control.

Professional Video Conferencing Vs. Skype

  We are often asked by prospective teleconference customers, “What makes a professional video conference system like Tandberg better than the cheaper Skype or iChat programs? For convenience, we have compiled a list of some of the main reasons why we suggest going with a top-of-the-line teleconference system over the lower quality Skype and iChat programs.

Compatibility – Our Tandberg video conferencing systems are able to connect with different manufacturer’s teleconferencing equipment (Tandberg equipment can connect with Polycom systems). Skype and iChat users are restricted to connecting only with other Skype or iChat users.
Scalability – Programs such as Skype are limited by a 30 participant cap. Our high-end video teleconferencing systems allow for unlimited participants so company growth is never a problem.
Concurrent Video & Audio – Tandberg video conference systems allow for non-video enabled users to dial into live video conference calls. Skype requires a video connection.
Quality Audio – With quality videoconferencing equipment comes crips and clear audio through the incorporation of Acoustic Echo Cancellation software elements. Users avoid the echo and feedback that is often present on lower quality desktop applications such as Skype which even recommends a headset.
Quality Video – As you might have guessed, quality video teleconferencing comes with crystal clear image quality without lag time. Skype and iChat have lower videoconferencing resolutions and due to required network connection speeds, operate with a noticeable delay in transfer.
Security – Last but not least, lower quality web conferencing software applications do not offer secure networks which can leave your information vulnerable to potential intruders. Tandberg videophone networks offer secure networks with the latest security encryption techniques designed to keep your information safe and secure.


For those venues such as executive conference rooms & secure command center VTC rooms Azbell can customize your facility with the correct network gear and wiring, lighting, shading, and re-modeling; everything outside the VTC hardware that creates an immersive and amazing TelePresence experience. We integrate document cameras, voice activated cameras, audio, automatic changes in lighting and probability based one-touch control for the most common VTC situations and connections across multiple locations.

Please feel free to call us for a complementary advisory on your VTC vision. We can help you select hardware and give you an estimate on your project.

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