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After L.L. Sams closed their doors, a group of experts with over 100 years of combined experience in the field of church renovation and restoration established ASG Renovations to offer a host of services designed to enhance your church’s worship environment.

From the initial design concept through project completion, ASG Renovations has the experience and knowledge necessary to meet the challenges of your Church Remodeling or Church Renovation needs. Being based in Central Texas, our teams of craftsmen have renewed churches throughout Texas and Oklahoma; Church Renovations and Restorations are our specialties. Our Church Renovation and Church Restoration projects have involved restoring the physical buildings; church pews – new and restored; flooring – new and repaired; painting; church audio systems; church video systems; and church lighting – old and new; ASG Renovations can handle any project. Our goal is exactly the same as yours: to make your church sanctuary renovation or restoration as beautiful and functional as possible, at the lowest possible cost, with little or no disruption to your services. When your place of worship is in need of restoration, renovation, or repair it deserves only the finest craftsmen in the industry and ASG Renovations is ready to deliver. From traditional to contemporary in style, from small country churches to large cathedrals in size, from primitive to high-tech in approach, ASG Renovations has the experience that our clients have come to trust when completing church projects on-time and within budget. Our goal is to understand a church's ministerial needs and enhance the facilities architecture to reflect that particular church family. This harmony in function and design will provide the maximum opportunity for spiritual growth and congregational outreach. Our team of highly skilled craftsmen and design professionals have decades of experience in providing this harmony in function for your church renovation and restoration projects.

Products & Services

ASG Renovations specializes in ministry related reconstruction and renovation. We take special interest in getting to know you and your church community, in an effort to fully understand your vision for the project. Our unique construction management system offers the complete renovation package:


Not sure where to start with your renovations? ASG Renovations provides professional support and advice. A member for our leadership team will survey the area and make suggestions for achieving your goals. At the same time, we listen closely to your needs and desires.

Design and Planning

Our experienced designers translate your church's vision into a work of art. These design plans are drawn up for your approval before construction begins and will include every detail from the type of light fixtures to the color of paint on the walls. This will provide your congregation with a full understanding of the renovation project. Once we have finalized the plan, we will set a start and finish date. We understand that you don't want to be out of your worship space for an extended period of time. That's why we guarantee a completion date. In over 300 renovations, we have yet to miss this deadline.

Guaranteed Price

When you do business with ASG Renovations, you receive a price upfront that is guaranteed through completion. If we come across any problems along the way, we assume full responsibility and will incur any costs to complete the project as guaranteed in the contract.

Renovation and Restoration

Where you are in need of additional seating, new carpeting, or a completely reconstructed space, ASG Renovations can help. We are a full-service renovation and restoration company which includes pew refinishing, professional lighting, painting, and more.

Audio-Video Systems

ASG Renovations provides all of your systems integration and technology needs, large or small. This may include installing or restoring your sound system, adding video capabilities, or networking your offices. We also offer website design services.

Project Supervision

Because we bring our own construction crews, we are able to supervise the complete project, making sure each detail comes together just as we discussed. Our experienced team gets the job done in less time. Prior to construction, we order and warehouse all of the supplies, so construction is never held up. ASG Renovations is on site through your entire construction project to answer any questions or make any necessary adjustments.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our support does not end after your reconstruction is complete. We become close to the communities that we work with and are always here to answer your questions or follow up on an warranty issues. You can count on ASG Renovations for a lifetime.

Meet the Team

The ASG Renovations team consists of various experienced individuals. Our experiences ranges from construction to networking.

David Goss, Director of Construction and Supervision

Mr. David Goss has over 30 years of experience in the construction and supervision and painting of interior church renovations. He started work on renovations with his father, Joe Goss. Mr. Joe Goss was an integral part of the founding of the Renovation Division at L.L. Sams, and Sons. Mr. Goss now contributes his experience to our team as the Head of Construction and Supervision.

Billy Azbell, Director of Electronics

Billy Azbell, Jr. has provided specialty audio and video products for most of his life. He began working with his father and has since taken control of the company. Billy Azbell Electronics designs, installs and guarantees audio systems, video systems, networking, websites, programming and more.

Robert Olejarski, Director of Design and Drafting

Mr. Robert Olejarski has over 30 years of experience in design and drafting. He was the Head of the Design and Drafting Division of L.L. Sams Inc. Prior to joining ASG Renovations, he is a registered ASID and heads up our Design and Drafting Department. Mr. Olejarski has worked on many church renovations.

Testimonials From Our Clients

"Today, as I walked through our Sanctuary, I was reminded of the days you and your associates spent with us...carefully planning and implementing the refurbishing of this beautiful place of worship. You and your staff conducted yourselves in a very professional and efficient manner. Your craftsman were of the highest quality. Seldom do we have a visitor who does not comment on the beauty of our place of worship"
Kenneth Coates, Business Administrator at First Baptist Church in Plainview, Texas

"I was very pleased with your work. Your work crew was very understanding when problems or changes were made. The parishioners were very happy with the remodeling. To this day, visitors comment on the beauty of our church. It is a pleasure for me to have services in such a prayerful church sanctuary."
Rev. Walter Matus, Pastor of St. Joseph's Catholic Church Cyclone in Burlington, Texas

"Your professional experience and skills were evident from the first day you came to our church to make the presentation for your firm. You were sensitive to understand the uniqueness of our church and its capabilities. Thank you for not trying to squeeze us into a mold cut out by your career-favorite remodels. Your clear and simple descriptions of how the task would be completed, clearly defining what had to be done, both in committee meetings and from the pulpit to the entire church, made it easier for our people to pull and stay together until the goal was accomplished."
Don Robertson, Pastor of College Heights Baptist Church in Plainview, Texas

Completed Renovations

First United Methodist Church, El Campo, Texas
While the appearance of the Sanctuary was serviceable, (the ceilings were a bit discolored and the carpet did show some wear) the Rostrum was the primary target for an upgrade. A large pipe organ had been installed some years before limiting the space needed for a more contemporary style of worship. Sound and lighting was adequate at best. The pipe organ was removed and a new expanded Rostrum was constructed. Along with the new Rostrum, new audio/visual, sound and lighting systems were designed and installed, the ceilings repainted, the pew finish renewed and new carpeting laid down.
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First United Methodist Church, Carthage, Texas
The Sanctuary, constructed in 1942, was due for new carpet and paint. ASG found that moisture issues in the crawl space had corroded the electrical conduits and the nails securing the subfloor. The corroded nails were replaced with high quality coated screws. The electrical service was upgraded to 400A and all electrical and mechanical systems were completely replaced bringing the building to current code standards.
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First United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall, Carthage, Texas
Constructed in 1949 the Fellowship Hall had survived two previous fires and the resulting repairs. At 7,000 square feet, the building contained a large kitchen, stage, six classrooms and an office for the Youth Pastor. Outdated dark finishes, inadequate lighting, non compliant restrooms and a general “well used” condition necessitated a complete renovation. Additionally, the electrical and mechanical systems were completely replaced bringing the facility to current code standards.
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We take special interest in getting to know you and your church community. In an effort to fully understand your vision for the project, please send us an e-mail with your name, contact information and a description of your project so we can better serve you. We look forward to hearing from you.