Mobile Data Centers

Mobile Command Centers for Any Application

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Azbell has been at the vanguard of ISO standard shelter based data and command center design & build since 2005. Used at Division and Corps levels these air, sea, and land movable, modified container-based mobile data centers take multiple-network Data/VTC/VoIP/ Video/Storage/&C2 to the front-line with mission critical durability and reliability. Azbell incorporates the best-practices from the physical, mechanical and electrical disciplines, and with proprietary enhancements, combines our network and software knowledge for an integrated product that is denser in computing power and C2 functions, and incredibly reliable. One of our NETOPS (single expanded side) and our Operations shelters (dual expanded sides) have been fielded by the US Army since 2005 and moved 23 times while in service. Today, these powerful and mobile HQs have helped disaster recovery missions, police and security forces, and many private companies looking to promote their products where it wasn’t previously possible.


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All the work – from secure GFE or CFE inventory areas, to custom part & cable fabrication, to assembly, integration and test is done at Azbell’s 12,000sqft. facility on Fort Hood. Our unique understanding and history with containerized systems within the US Army and our deep understanding of the information technologies employed for secure network and TOC operations, make Azbell the most cost-effective and experienced partner for shelter based TOC and data centers. In addition to the actual shelter conversion Azbell can also design and build Ultra quiet external power and ECU to operate the shelter.

Some Power Source and ECU Options Per Shelter:

  • 10T External ECU Skid or Trailer Mounted
  • GEN SET, Skid or Trailer Mounted
  • 10T ECU/GEN SET Combination
  • External Frequency Convertor and ATS/MTS for use with Shore Power/GEN Backup

* Interconnecting Ramp with Canvas Enclosure available between shelters


The DoD is rapidly embracing secure cloud computing. Azbell’s long-term relationships with the leaders in virtualization such as Cisco, VMWare, and Dell keep Azbell and our customers ahead of the curve in design and implementation of ultra high reliability and sub-second response times for virtualized data centers.


Whether you are the end military or government customer, or a large concern looking for a small business partner with the right skill-set, experience and facility – put Azbell to work for a more cost-effective and better designed mobile data center.

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