Video walls

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Video and data walls have come down in price dramatically in the last five years

Video Wall Installation imageMany companies have developed specialized products such as frame hardware, wall control software & color and light balance and measurement tools. Azbell stays current with these suppliers and can design a video system that combines the inherent beauty of a large video wall with simple and superior function and control.

Whether you are looking for a simple 1 x 2 multi screen display that can be run directly from a PC, or a giant common operating picture for a network or command center Azbell can design and install a video system that fits your functional specifications and your budget.


Large Video Interface Solutions imageDigital signage is becoming more and more ubiquitous. The applications of interactive systems and content that can be managed and created in real-time are creating new and exciting opportunities for companies that see these systems as profit centers and social network enhancers. The use of digital signage extends into the security and mass notification areas, as well as delivering content from an almost unlimited number of sources and in a highly modifiable screen design.

Interactive kiosks handing out coupons or providing advertising along with information have also come down in price and are accepted self-service tools in malls, hotels, airports and college campuses. Azbell represents the best of breed companies in kiosk design, build, install and operation – give us a call.