Save in eneregy costs with the Enova DVX from AMX.

More power, more money.
If you’re reading this, chances are you are familiar with the massive amount of power it can take to operate audio/visual equipment on a large scale. For every standard equipment rack, you are looking at wattage numbers between 300 and 500, which can make for a significantly high utility cost. On top of the energy being directly consumed by your equipment, you have to add cooling precautions to keep your equipment from failing due to overheating, making a high utility bill raise even more. Is there a way to consume less power and operate at lower temperatures?

There is a solution.

Azbell Electronics would like to introduce you to the solution to your problem. The Enova DVX digital media switcher is at the forefront of AV technology. This energy efficient solution generally consumes about 30% of the power of a standard equipment rack, which keeps 70% of the money you’ve been spending on energy in your pocket, where it belongs. One of the ways in which it accomplishes this is through a more efficient standby mode. Other standby solutions will consume roughly the same amount of power as they do during operation. The Enova DVX has been programmed with an energy conscious power down method for standby mode which only consumes 30 watts resulting in a 90% reduction in energy usage over the competition.

Calculate the difference and save money.

To illustrate the savings that can be achieved with the Enova DVX, AMX has built a virtual Energy Savings Calculator that allows potential customers to compare the energy cost they are currently incurring with the energy cost they could be realizing through the Enova DVX. This comprehensive calculator operates in four steps, the first of which allows you to adjust AV requirement variables ranging from the hours of use per day, to the country you’re operating in; to give you an accurate estimate for your location. The second and third steps will give you the cost of active and standby power consumption. The fourth step will even include the estimated cost of air conditioning. AMX has always focused on advanced technology with simple controls, and the implementation of the Energy Savings Calculator lives up to their reputation as Audio/Visual equipment innovators, who have confidence in their product and want to show you the numbers to back it up. Save energy and save money with the Azbell Electronics and the Enova DVX by AMX.

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